Soil Spectroscopy for Global Good

SoilSpec4GG wants to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery in soil spectroscopy by facilitating and supporting a collaborative network of researchers, and develop an advanced yet intuitive, open source, web-hosted platform to predict various soil properties from MIR spectra collected on any spectrometer anywhere in the world.


Expertise: Soil, Soil Spectroscopy, R packages, Web-services

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    USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Award # 2020-67021-32467

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Open Project

An Open Soil Spectroscopy library based on the Open Source Software

The application of advanced soil spectroscopy techniques can fill the gap in accessing high-resolution spatial and temporal soil data streams to meet the demand of today’s data-driven agriculture.

In the SoilSpec4GG project, OpenGeoHub leads the development of the OSSL DB, R packages and web-services.