EU-FUNDED Training June 3, 2020






The GeoHarmonizer project aims to automate the production and harmonization of patchy geospatial data products, and to open them through web-GIS and similar technology.


Expertise: Web-mapping, Machine Learning, Land Cover, Vegetation, Soil, Event Management, Media Production, Capacity Building

  • Duration

    2020 - 2022

  • Funding programme

    EU HADEA agency (previously INEA) (2018-EU-IA-0095)

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Open Project

By creating seamless complex (geographical) data over the entire extent of the European continent, the project aims to support national and regional research and decision making. The goal is to  “opening data” by (i) using Open Data licenses, (ii) enabling wider public access to the data by not only scientists and specialists, but also non-professionals, (iii) facilitating increased use of EC-funded data without imposing any expectations on users to possess specialised or costly infrastructure, and (iv) working closely with the national authorities, organizations and NGOs including the existing EC-funded systems such as DIAS, Copernicus programme and similar.
OpenGeoHub is working to develop probably the most accurate land cover and environmental quality maps that can then be used by regional and national spatial planning and agricultural agencies. We are also proud developers of the website, the dynamic platform to access all the information about the project, results, outputs, tutorials and events.

In September 2021, we organized and hosted the OpenDataScience Europe Workshop 2021: we invited leading experts in the field of land cover, climate and vegetation mapping from the Geo-Harmonizer consortium for two day to training sessions in programming with R, Python and GRASS GIS 8. Video tutorials are available via the project website.