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Geocomputation with R book

Geocomputation with R, a forthcoming book with CRC Press (authored by Robin Lovelace, Jakub Nowosad, Jannes Muenchow) will be officially launched d

Life Achievement Award for prof. Roger Bivand
Life Achievement Award for prof. dr. Roger Bivand

I came to know Roger around the year 2000, through emails he posted to ai-geostats, an email list started by Gregoire Dubois from JRC, wh
A brief introduction to Open Data

One of the key missions of the OpenGeoHub is to promote creation and use of Open Data.

SDSwR book outline
"Spatial Data Science" by Pebesma and Bivand

Prof Edzer Pebesma (University of Münster, Institute for geoinformatics, Germany) and prof Roger Bivand

OpenGeoHub hackaton!
Spatial Prediction Competition Game


Purpose of the OpenGeoHub Spatial Prediction Competition Game (the OpenGeoHub hackaton; former GEOSTAT hackatons) is

3D terrain cross-section
Predictive Soil Mapping with R book

Predictive Soil Mapping (PSM) is based on applying statistical and/or machine learning techniques to fit models for the purpose of producing spatia

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Visualization of spatial and spatiotemporal data

2 days

To be able to use spatial data and make decisions based on it, we need to be able to visualize it (statically, interactively, through web etc).

Machine Learning for spatial data

3 days

Machine Learning Algorithms are increasingly interesting for analyzing spatial data, especially to derive spatial predictions / for spatial interpolation and to detect spatial patterns. Spatial aut

Spatial and Spatiotemporal Classes and Methods in R

1 week

Several R packages exists that allows loading spatial and spatiotemporal data and which provide structures, validity control and functions.

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