Accelerating collection and use of soil health information using AI technology to support the Soil Deal for Europe and EU Soil Observatory
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What is AI4SoilHealth?

Through the development of novel soil health measurements combined with AI technology, AI4SoilHealth will co-design, develop and maintain an EU-wide digital infrastructure for monitoring soil health. With this information readily available, stakeholders from landowners to policymakers will be able to take factually based decisions that will improve the health of our soils.

What is the role of the Foundation in the project?

In this project, OpenGeoHub leads 18+ research and business partners in the production of harmonized EU-wide soil monitoring tools and services. We do so by using the latest cutting-edge development in AI, remote/proximal sensing, and soil process modeling. Our key deliverables include the creation of cyberinfrastructures that will provide up-to-date and reliable information at the level of individual farms, assisting users in making better decisions, in support of the upcoming EU Soil Health Law, and the European Soil Observatory.

How is AI4SoilHealth going to change the way we farm or plan farming policy in Europe?

Only real soil managers are the agents of change in a landscape. As an open-source community of researchers, we hope that by surfacing existing and cutting-edge soil information through space and time, we can cultivate an environment of self-determination for farmers, to the benefit of all our children. Because landscapes move slowly, we need monitoring systems to cover the past decades, be meaningful now, and enable easy comparison of future options.



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