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Discussion forum: Open Source software and data formats for Big EO data: how to choose between R, Python, Julia, and different data formats?

August 31, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Discussion forum “Open Source software and data formats for Big EO data: how to choose between R, Python, Julia and different data formats?”

Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities of open source software for big earth observation data, together with leading experts and developers, alongside the choice of the best data formats.

Join this interactive discussion, ask us your questions and answer ours online!

This forum is part of the OpenGeoHub Summer School 2022, an annual event that has been running at various locations in Europe and Canada and Australia since 2010. Every year, we invite researchers and specialists who we think are especially active (and successful) in developing open source software and open data, and helping other researchers improve their analysis and modelling frameworks. The 2022 event will be held in a hybrid form with physical lectures and hackathons with the support of the KISTE project.

This year, we will have the pleasure to host the following speakers : Martijn Visser I Maarten Pronk I Edzer Pebesma I Martin Fleischmann I Krzystof Dyba I Ben Graeler I Markus Abel I Edzer Pebesma I Leandro Parente I Christian Autermann I Markus Konkol I Jakub Nowosad I Martin Schultz I Ribana Roscher I Patrick Schratz I Hanna Meyer I Tim Appelhans

For additional information, you can visit the summer school’s webpage, and the websites of OpenGeoHub, 52 north and the KISTE project.

This event is free of cost and no profit will be made.