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Wageningen International Conference Centre

The OpenGeoHub Summer School 2020 will be held at the

Institute for Geoinformatics, Heisenbergstraße 2, 48149 Münster

The 2019 Summer School on spatial and spatiotemporal computing: proce

Spatial Prediction Competition Game


Purpose of the OpenGeoHub Spatial Prediction Competition Game (the OpenGeoHub hackaton; former GEOSTAT hackatons) is to provide an opportunity to students to use all obtained knowledge during the course for solving a real-life problems. This typically implies producing predictions for a given data set (not previously published). It is the ultimate test of your coding and GEOgraphy-STATistics skills. The winners are announced on the last day of the Summer School and symbolic awards are given... and of course stay famous forever!

Life Achievement Award for prof. dr. Roger Bivand

I came to know Roger around the year 2000, through emails he posted to ai-geostats, an email list started by Gregoire Dubois from JRC, which was a place to discuss analysis of spatial data — whether geostatistical, lattice or point pattern — involving both methodological and practical, software aspects. In 2003, Roger contacted me by direct email asking whether I'd be interested to join a pre-conference workshop held at DSC2003, the conference series that later spun off the UseR!

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