Rolf Simoes

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Post-doctoral researcher

Rolf Simoes

At OpenGeoHub, Rolf supports the foundation’s current and future European Commission-funded and other international projects in the development and in production of innovative global earth models. Specific tasks include but are not limited to developing code and datasets that aim at:

  • Development of prototypes/functions implementing data processing workflows, model building, and fine-tuning of Machine Learning frameworks
  • Running cross-validation and accuracy assessment using statistical frameworks
  • Remote Sensing data preparation, import, pre-processing, spatial overlay, and visualization
  • Installation and optimization of software under Linux OS

Rolf obtained his doctoral degree in Environmental Sciences in 2021 and has a background in geoinformatics, complex systems modeling, and business administration. At OpenGeoHub, Rolf is a postdoctoral researcher. Besides the above-mentioned tasks, his function also includes the publication of results in peer-reviewed journals and the supervision of junior staff.

  • PhD, Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, Brazil (Applied Computing)
  • MSc, Sao Paulo University, Brazil (Complex Systems Modeling)
  • MSc, Fortaleza University, Brazil (Business Administration)
  • BSc, Leao Sampaio University, Brazil (Business Administration)
  • 2023-present: Post-doctoral researcher, OpenGeoHub Foundation
  • 2021-2023: Post-doctoral researcher, Dept. of Earth Observation, Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, Brazil