Niamah Jarrallah

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Financial Administrator

Niamah Jarrallah

At OpenGeoHub, Niamah, the financial administrator, assists management with the following tasks:

  • Financial and administrative tasks
  • Data processing
  • Facility and internal management processes
  • Website editing
  • Communication support

Niamah was invited by his good old neighbor, Martijn Witjes to try and solicit for said function. This turned out to be a good match given that the appropriate background is in line with what OpenGeoHub required. He is pleased to be part of the team, and hopes that his input can be of great value to all of OpenGeoHub.

As a finance administrator Niamah is responsible for performing a variety of financial and administrative duties. They are responsible for moderating financial goals by working throughout the week to achieve and maintain the financial health of our organization. A finance administrator will maintain accurate records such as invoices and transcripts and is required to remain compliant with all laws and company policies at all times. Aside from this, they will work on improving systems regarding financial processes to ease the workload as well as assist other personnel in their dedicated field where-ever possible. Regular administration is also included, which concerns staff support, administration of property and regular purchases. This means Niamah will have high ethics, integrity, and accountability.

Niamah is currently aiming for his bachelors in psychology. This subject has intrigued him greatly as he is interested in helping others and maintaining order between them. The flexibility of his schedule allows for the combination of both work and studies in a dynamic manner.