Business and innovation developer MOOD project

Application Deadline: 14th of February 2021
Possible start date: 15th of March 2021
Duration: until 31-12-2023,
Total budget: 177,840 EUR
Job type: Innovation manager / business developer / consultant (sub-contract)
Fields: innovation management, facilitation, management, data science, environmental and health research, 
Contractor: OpenGeoHub foundation

Job description

OpenGeoHub (Stichting OpenGeoHub) is a not-for-profit research foundation with headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands. We aim to provide world-class data and expertise in geo-data science; producing global and regional spatial predictions of soil, vegetation and climate. We regularly use High Performance Computing and specialise in optimization and state-of-the-art Machine Learning.

OpenGeoHub foundation is looking for an Innovation Manager with business development experience (possibly multiple candidates) with proven experience of five years or more with the field of environmental/health and/or data science. In this role/s, you are expected to lead the production of several deliverables (e.g. a market study and business strategy) for OpenGeoHub as part of its role in an EU research (H2020) project “MOOD: MOnitoring Outbreak events for Disease surveillance in a data science context” (2020–2023). The MOOD project (lead by CIRAD; French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) provides tools and innovations for monitoring disease outbreak events, focused on the principle of openness – open science, open innovation and to open to the world the societal challenges in health, demographic change and well-being. 

You would assist the MOOD Project Coordinator in all issues related to the multi-actor research innovation, providing the project with periodical innovation assessments to be used to secure the maintenance and expansion of the innovation-based project’s competitive advantage. You would also help the European Commission and stakeholders understand disease outbreaks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and their effects on society, environment and future. You would work closely with OpenGeoHub and CIRAD under tight deadlines, identifying marketable opportunities for the growth of the MOOD project, involving the consortia, its partners and various target audiences. Candidates with experience and interest in environmental and health research in the data science context are preferred. We especially welcome candidates with a diverse personal background. Office space and facilities (software, web-services, data) will be provided by OpenGeoHub.

Expected minimum deliverables and milestones:

  • 2× per year virtual or physical workshops on key innovations and areas of business development in MOOD (invite participants, prepare programme, moderate discussion, report progress),
  • 6× per year (bimonthly) report to MOOD stakeholders,
  • MOOD D6.3 “Report on strategic policy”: Exploring the digital potential for health innovation and healthcare, including the building of a ‘European health research and innovation cloud’,
  • MOOD D6.4 “Report on business strategy”: final document outlying long-term innovation and business strategy based on a detailed analysis of all stakeholders in the project,
  • MOOD MS42: “Business case” a document on business strategy completed and distributed and discussed with MOOD stakeholders for pre-approval, prior to submission to the Project Board,
  • MOOD MS43: “Exit strategy and restitution stakeholders’ workshop” a physical workshop / conference on business developments beyond the project,

Your profile

Minimum requirements:

  • You have a registered and operational business (consultancy) inside countries of the European Economic Area
  • You have a minimum of five years (5) of relevant professional experience as a Business Developer / Innovation Manager, preferably in the field of data science, environmental sciences and/or health research,
  • You have a degree in Business administration (MBA) and/or MSc in Innovation Management and/or ICT and Business and/or Data Science,
  • You will be able to dedicate a minimum of 104 hours a month (3 days a week) to this project and have flexible availability (with notice)
  • You have experience with networking stakeholders, organizing workshops and business development events,
  • You have experience with producing business development, market research studies and strategic documents,
  • You are a fast and strategic thinker, with an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit,
  • You see the COVID-19 pandemics as an opportunity to innovate solutions and develop commercial businesses that help improve health and well-being,
  • You have enthusiasm for data science projects, preferably with focus on health research,
  • You enjoy working in a constantly changing interdisciplinary environment, are a tech-savvy and a quick learner,
  • You will be able to attend all major MOOD events (various locations within EEA),
  • You will be able to attend monthly meetings at OpenGeoHub, Wageningen,
  • You are fluent in English, (French an advantage)



Questions regarding this position can be directed to Ichsani Wheeler, email:

Applications, including (1) a CV, (2) a statement of your interest and vision, and (3) self-assessment based on the minimum requirements, should be uploaded via this link. Read more about the general submission procedure.

Our offer

We offer a part-time position as a consultant, with a contract until 31-12-2023 (pending renewal), within a very stimulating international innovation and research environment. You will work in a dynamic network with over 60 European researchers (

  • Total budget for the contract: 177,840 EUR (this is a total inclusive budget, including any applicable VAT, travel and lodging costs for all events, estimated at about 6,500 EUR per year, and any costs of stichting incorporation at cessation of the project);
  • We would provide office space / working table at Agro Business Park, Wageningen and facilities that you can use for daily work without any additional cost to your company;
  • You would be welcomed as part of a wider OpenGeoHub team working on the project (when we’re back in the office!);

We are goal orientated and strongly encourage a high degree of responsibility and independence, while collaborating with colleagues through virtual groups (Mattermost, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom).

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