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OpenGeoHub – an independent research foundation

About us

OpenGeoHub is a not-for-profit research foundation with headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands ("Stichting OpenGeoHub"). The main goal of the OpenGeoHub is to promote publishing and sharing of Open Geographical and Geoscientific Data and using and developing of Open Source Software. We believe that the key measure of quality of research in all sciences (and especially in geographical information sciences) is in transparency and reproducibility of the computer code used to generate results. Transparency and reproducibility increase trust in information so that it is eventually also the fastest path to optimal decision making.

KvK number: 71844570
IBAN: NL18 INGB 0006 9889 34
WAT ID: NL858871683B01

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OpenGeoHub is a registered education institution under the Dutch Centraal Register Kort Beroeps Onderwijs (CRKBO). OpenGeoHub is also official member of:

  1. OSGeo Geo4all labs,

  2. GEOSS,

Our missions

Promote best practices

Our aim is to create and maintain a community that identifies, promotes and adopts best practices for the analysis of spatial and temporal data and the distribution and use of spatial data products.

Promote Open Data

We promote and actively support the production, sharing and use of Open GeoData (based on the Open Knowledge Foundation licenses). We provide platforms, tools, standards and training to encourage and support Open Geodata and reproducible research shared using open web services and open standards.

Provide training and networking

We help researchers grow by connecting them with peer networks, helping them improve their programming skills, and helping them to make their research more open and reproducible. We aim especially to encourage and empower under-represented researchers (e.g. those from ODA recipient countries and female researchers).

Serve decision makers

We aim to provide all users (governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector companies and the general public) with easily accessible and trustworthy Open Geographical Environmental Data, fully documented, peer reviewed and reproducible.

OpenGeoHub Management Board

Research and support staff

OpenGeoHub Staff

PhD candidate & research assistant

Carmelo has a background in forestry science, with a specialization in forest resources monitoring and management through geospatial data science a

PhD candidate & research assistant

    Martijn has a background in spatial analysis and machine learning, with emph

    Communication and Multimedia officer

    Alex has a background in multimedia journalism, communications, applied GIS, as well as international affairs. At OpenGeoHub, Alex is a communicati

    Post-doctoral researcher

    Leandro obtained his doctoral degree in Environmental Sciences in 2019 and has a background in computer science and business administration.

    Communication and Multimedia officer

    After graduating from the University of Geneva in 2017, Marion worked as an Editor and translator at

    Project coordinator assistant / research assistant (EnvirometriX)

    Kris is fascinated by environmental and social changes and is driven to play an active role towards a regenerative society in any way he

    Project coordinator assistant / research assistant

    Rianne has a background in agricultural sciences with a specialization in land and water management. Additionally, she followed a track o

    Researcher / technical staff

    Mohammadreza has a background in remote sensing and Geomatics engineering. At OpenGeoHub, Mohammadreza is a researcher.


    OpenGeoHub Scientific Committee