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[SoilSpec4GG] [WCR], Woodwell Climate Resarch: Location 149 Woods Hole Road Falmouth, MA

Soil Spectroscopy for Global Good

"SoilSpec4GG is a USDA-funded Food and Agriculture Cyberinformatics Tools Coordinated Innovation Network"

Project Overview

The US Department of Agriculture’s granting body, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has awarded a 1M USD grant to Woodwell Climate Research Center, OpenGeoHub and the University of Florida. SoilSpec4GG project will bring together soil scientists, spectroscopists, informaticians, data scientists and software engineers to overcome some of the current bottlenecks preventing wider and more efficient use of soil spectroscopy. 

OpenGeoHub contributions

The role of OpenGeoHub is to help with the development of databases, models and web-services in order to enable easy use across borders.

  • Open Soil Spectroscopy package.
  • REST API service for calibration models and data.
  • Sample datasets and online demos.
  • Online tutorials and workshops.