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Contact Info
Mohammadreza Sheykhmousa
Researcher / technical staff

At OpenGeoHub, Mohammadreza implement spatial analysis steps by producing functions, scripts and batch files running in data science programming languages R, Python and similar. Specific task include:

  • cross-checking code and functionality implemented by other staff,
  • visually checking results of predictive mapping / spatial analysis,
  • producing matrix comparisons / feasibility studies that can help OpenGeoHub make better decisions about the design of predictive mapping systems,
  • helping with organization of events including OpenGeoHub summer schools, hackathons and workshops.


  • 2020–present: Researcher OpenGeoHub Foundation

  • 2019–2020: eLEAF Ltd, Netherlands.

  • 2010–2015: Boland Payeh Construction Company, Tehran

  • 2007–2010: Hexa Consulting Company, Tehran

MSc, ITC Enschede (Geo-information Science and Earth Observation)
BSc, IHU Tehran (Geomatics Engineering)

Mohammadreza is a researcher with a background in remote sensing and Geomatics engineering. His tasks include:

  • Installation and optimization of software (under Linux OS or similar),
  • data preparation, import, pre-processing, spatial overlay and visualization,
  • model building and fine-tuning of Ensemble Machine Learning,
  • running cross-validation and accuracy assessment using statistical frameworks,
  • parallelization, and back-end development.
Starting to understand why is most of computing done in Ubuntu and why most of servers run Linux